Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What information is needed to properly size a pump?
A.   The following information is helpful for us to properly size a pump for your project; Capacity (GPM), Suction Pressure (PSIG), Suction Lift (Feet), NPSHa (Net Positive Suction Head Available), Discharge Pressure, Name of Fluid, Fluid Temperature, Fluid Viscosity, Fluid Specific Gravity, Maximum Particle Size, Motor Enclosure, Power Available, Requested RPM, any additional information and a rough sketch.

Q.   Does Wholesale Pump & Supply deliver?
A.   Every branch of WPS offers FREE delivery.  Our delivery trucks service a set area each day.  Contact your local store and find out what day your area is serviced.

Q.   What is the Wholesale Pump & Supply freight policy?
A.   WPS does not charge freight if the item ordered is in stock and delivered on one of our set delivery runs or picked up in-store.  If an item is special ordered or not in stock, freight charged to us by the manufacturer, is passed along to the customer.

Q.   Does Wholesale Pump & Supply offer Emergency or After Hours Service? 
A.   Yes.  Each branch has an emergency/After Hours service policy and an on-call salesman 24/7.

Q.   What types of credit card does Wholesale Pump & Supply accept? 
A.   We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

DISCLAIMER: WPS makes no warranty on all products provided and only the manufacturer’s warranty applies in all products. 

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