Item #FL30

This well tank has been designed to store and deliver water under pressure between pump cycles in a domestic water system. It features a patented Controlled Action Diaphragm (CAD2) system that completely contains the system water in a safe NSF approved chamber. The CAD2 system prevents water from ever touching the internal walls of the tank which greatly reduces external condensation.

What It Does
Without a storage tank, a domestic water system's pump would cycle (turn on) every time there was a demand for water. This frequent and potentially short cycling would shorten the useful life of the pump. Flexcon well tanks are designed to store water when the pump is running and then deliver pressurized water back to the system whenthe pump is shut off. A properly sized well tank will store at least one gallon of water for every gallon per minute (GPM) of pump capacity. This allows for fewer pump starts and longer run times which should maximize the life of the pump.

Our Flex Lite composite tank series, with over 15 years of fieldproven technology, is the highest quality composite well tank on themarket. Using our patented CAD-2 technology that is found in all ofour well tanks, Flex Lite is designed to drastically reducecondensation. Its design also allows us to size the diaphragmproperly, extending the life of your tank and your system overall.Due to its composite construction, there is nothing to corrode and isapproximately 35% lighter than a comparably sized steel tank.