Item #SJ10

Deep Well Vertical Jet Pump (60 Hz)

Specifically designed for: Homes, Farms, Cottages

Features and Benefits

  • NSF 61 Certified: Ensuring safety when used in drinking water systems
  • High Capacity and Pressure: Specifically designed to deliver high capacities at deeper settings.
  • Stainless Steel Pump Shaft: Hex design provides positive drive for impellers and eliminates clearance adjustments.
  • Easy to Service: Can be taken apart for service by removing four bolts.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Glass filled thermoplastic impellers. Stainless steel wear rings and coverplates. Electro-coated paint process applied inside and out and then baked on.
  • Powered for Continuous Operation: Pump is designed for continuous operation. All ratings are within the motor manufacturer’s recommended working limits.
  • Easy to Prime: Top mounted vent plug allows air to escape from seal cavity during initial priming.
  • Adjustable Automatic Pressure Control Valve: Guarantees maximum capacity at all times. Bypass check valve equalizes pressure in entire system and helps prevent loss of prime.
  • NSF Listed: The first NSF listed jet pumps in the industry. All jet pumps and shallow well components only, deep well componenets are not listed.


Specifically designed for:

  • Homes
  • Farms
  • Cottages


    Pipe connection —

    1" NPT drive (pressure)

    1¼" NPT suction

    1” NPT discharge

    Pressure switch —

    ¾-1½ HP, AS4

    2 HP, AS10

    both preset (30-50 PSI)

  • NEMA standard

  • ¾-1½ HP, 115/230 V, 60 Hz, capacitor start

  • 2 HP, 230 V only, 60 Hz

  • Single phase

  • 3500 RPM

  • Built-in overload with automatic reset

  • Stainless steel shaft

  • Rotation: clockwise when viewed from motor end.

  • 140° F

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    Pump for drinking water specically designed for homes, farms,cottages.